Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things You Find When You Keep Your Eyes Open

I have always been a very observant person and because I this I focus on little detail in my work until what emerges is what I saw in my head. What I love about being an observant person is I see and notice things that most people miss and sometimes it can be something very magical. 

A couple of weeks ago my cousin was in town and we had decided to go to Cherokee Street and go Anitque Shopping. I love antique and thrift shore showing because I love digging around to find treauses and that is where me be observant really helps. Anyway, there is a shop on Cherokee called The Purple Cow and I had been wanting to go there for a while. We went inside and there really wasn't anything that I saw that peaked my interest, but I noticed that there was more items in the outside portion, sort of like a closed in porch. I was so glad that we decided to check out the porch, because this is what we found.

Unfortunately, the outside part you see was closed off to customers, but I was able to get some photos. The backyard was just so magical, everything was made from found objects, including the bridge and fountain.

I wanted to live in that backyard, it was like my imagination in physical form. To describe it without pictures would be impossible. I really just want to go back and touch everything and take everything in, it really allowed my creative juices to flow.

I hope to find more treasure like this in St. Louis, anything and everything eclectic. I hope you enjoyed your tiny trip to St. Louis with me, I promise there will be more awesome photos like these if you continue to read.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


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