Wednesday, July 6, 2011

St. Louis Horror Convention Part 2

Once I get the pictures from my camera downloaded I will have a bunch to discuss, but right now you will have to bear with me and make do with some convention pictures from my phone. First of all, I cannot express my love of cryptozoology enough. A lot of my work is of crypids and I watch and read just about anything and everything related. If you don't know what crypids are or what cryptozoology is, it is the study of creatures we are not sure exist or don't exist because we don't have enough proof to say they do. Such famous crypids are Bigfoot, Yeti, Chupacabra, and Nessie, The Lochness Monster. Well one of my goals in life is to meet Bigfoot and the St. Louis Horror Convention helped me fulfill that dream. Here is Sasquatch (Bigfoot) with Sasquatch (my boyfriend)

This particular Sasquatch has a gold tooth, loves his Elvis inspired sunglasses, and dancing. Now if I could just see one in the wild, then my life will be complete.

The other big surprise at the convention was a huge cake inspired by Swine Flu. I am one of those people that watches just about every baking competition and baking show. So when I smelled cake I came a runnin' and when I found the source I stumbled upon this edible masterpiece.

It's a little grotesque, but it was amazing. It was created by Patty Cakes of Highland, IL.
The sad part is we didn’t get to eat the cake, because it was served at the VIP Dinner and by the time we bought tickets they were sold out :(.
I promise Part 3 will be the last and it will finally contain the Celebrity Photos and other such fun.
Stay tuned,

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