Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Tiny Stuffie Swap

I just sent this swap package on Monday, so I think it's safe to post. I recently joined the One Tiny Stuffie Swap on Craftster because I needed a break from creating inventory from my upcoming Etsy shop. I had taken a couple month haitus from swapping and I am so addicted to swapping that I really couldn't last much longer. I got partnered up with Saint Angel and Lanikins meaning I made a stuffie for Saint Angel, Saint Angel made a stuffie for Lanikins, and Lanakins made a stuffie for me. I have been partnered up with Lanikins before and trust me she's AMAZING and I have purchased from Saint Angel via her Etsy site, so I was excited to be partnered up with these ladies. 

The conditions for a One Tiny Stuffie Swap is you must send a stuffie under 5 inches by 5 inches. I tend to work on a scale of 12 inches or taller so making a stuffie that small and putting lots of detail in it gave me a fun challenge. After reading Saint Angel's swap questionaire, I decided that I was going to make her Dr. Frank n Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

I scaled down my nugget pattern to create a mini nug.
The body is made out of fleece and the hair, vest, and panties are made out of felt. I used real stocking for the mini nug stocking and the garter belt holders are made out of felt rolled in glue and tipped with silver paint for the clasp. I knew I wanted a more detailed face than I normally do because that is part of Tim Curry's character, the fact that he is a guy dressed as a girl with make-up on. I painted on the eyebrows and used pastels for the eye shadow and lastly I added big red lips with just a hint of a smirk and a red heart on his arm for his tattoo.
I like the way it turned out, but it took a while for me to like it because I am highly critical of my work (my art teacher use to call me slow and meticulous) and I guess I just wanted it to look a little more real than cartoony. Anyway I like it now especially after I added the lips. 
Here is a progress shot, he kinda looks angry, but that could be because he is missing his hair and his right stocking. I hope Saint Angel likes him, she should be receiving him tomorrow and I hope you like him too. 

If you did like him feel free to leave a comment or if you have any feedback fell free to leave a comment. I don't want this blog to be so one sided, I love peoples feedback.

PS: Also feel free to follow my blog, I promise I won't bite too hard ;)

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