Sunday, July 10, 2011

St. Louis Horror Convention Part 3: The Finale

As I have promised, here is the final posting and probably the best one because of the fun celebrity pictures. The first celebrity we met was Kane Hodder. If you don't recognize his name, then you will recognize his movie credits. He is most famous as his role of Jason in Friday the 13th Part 7, 8, 9, and 10. Kane played Jason the longest and is by far my favorite. He is also my boyfriend Sasquatches hero. Kane has also been Victor Crowley in Hachet 1 and 2, he also played BTK in the newest BTK movie, and he played Ed Gein in the newest Ed Gein movie. Kane is also notorious for randomly being in movies because he is a stuntman. My favorite random role he played was the pissed off dad that beat up the van in the skateboard movie Grind. Kane Hodder also has a biography coming out in September that we will be owning in case you are interested.
I didn't realize it, but Kane was actually choking Sasquatch, and trust me that is all Sasquatch can talk about.

The next person we met was Bill Johnson, who is famous for his role as Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. Bill was really awesome to meet, he was super nice and we brought our copy of the movie for him to sign and he spent some time just making sure his autograph was special and fun.
On Saturday the first person we talked to and met was Brad Loree, who played Michael in Halloween: Resurrection. Brad is a little bit crazy, but in a fun sort of way, we discussed beer as the breakfast of champions, because it was 10am and he was enjoying beer. He told Sasquatch that for the photo he wanted to choke him, but as you can see it was no where near a Kane Hodder choke.
One of the coolest people that we met at the convention was Tony Todd aka Candy Man and yes the New Orleans accent is real, I had no idea and it took me by surprise. He talked to us for over ten minutes about his new movie Sushi Girl that stars him and Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker, but I hope you knew that) that is coming out soon. We also talked about Teefury because he liked our t shirts, about him and Kane working together on Hachet, and many other things. We even stopped by and talked to him a little more on Sunday and he was actually excited to talk to us some more, we weren't just another face and that was really a surprise to me because all the celebrities that we met were like that. If they saw Sasquatch and I, they at least said hi, if not stopped and talked to us. Kane even put his hand on Jays shoulder to ask about the belly dancers we were watching. I was actually expecting them to be more "I'm here for a job, which is signing autographs and when I'm not doing that don't bother me," but none of them were like that and it was amazing.
The lst people we met on Sunday were the Boondock Saints, we waited until Sunday because Norman Reedus had to work on the set of The Walking Dead on Friday so he couldn't come until Saturday, but Delta messed up his flight, so we wasn't suppose to come until 5:00 on Saturday. Unfortunately, we wasn't able to make it, but we were able to meet Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco. Sean played Conner MacManus, one of the brothers and David played Rocco, their sorta sidekick. If you haven't seen The Boondock Saints, first of all shame on you, its an amazing movie and second of all go run out and see it even if you have because it is just a fun movie, it's funny and original. We were the first ones in line to meet them, which I didn't like because I hate being first on anything, so I was trying to get some people to get in front of us, but Sasquatch was not having it. Sean was sick that weekend, so he was saying how sorry he was that he sounded weird and looked sick and I told him that I hoped he got better and not to worry about it. Let me just tell you I hate getting my picture taken because I usually hate the way I look in them, but he insisted on taking a photo with me an giving me a hug and let me tell you that man is so hot in real life it is ridiculous, so it was amazing to get a hug from him.
David was of course funny because he's "The Funny Man." He not only signed cover of the dvd, but he also wrote on the inside of the cover my favorite quote, which is "Is it dead?" If you have never seen the movie there is a scene, where the brothers and Rocco are sitting around a table and Rocco gets fired up and bangs his fist on the table and his gun on the table discharges and hits the cat, and spatters it on the wall (very obviously dead) and he asks "Is it dead?"
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about my awesome weekend and I hope you continue to read my blog. I have a couple of project going on including a swap, so photos of those will be posted soon. I also want to work on my first tutorial to post here.



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