Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Okay where do I start. Well a while ago the SCI FI channel created a movie entitled Shartopus( basically a government experiment gone wrong) where they created a monster that has the business end of a shark and the business end of an octopus (Epic right?) and it killed too many people to count (like 10 in the first 10 minutes). I decided after the first five minutes of watching the movie that I HAD to make one. So now that I have a graduated college and got myself a real job I had the time to create this masterpiece.

This is Chuck the Shartopus

See when the government made the sharktopus they created two of them, the famous one depicted in the movie and Chuck. Lets just say Chuck's brother didn't get enough hugs as a baby sharktopus which is why he went on his rampage.

Chuck however loves to hug, especially his BFF Fail Whale

I drew up a pattern made a prototype and tweaked my pattern. I also decided that he needed to have suckers so I spent three days after work slaving over a lino block carving a 3 part stamp (because the tentacles are so long) to stamp the tentacles onto the fabric. Needless to say my fingers hurt, but it was so worth it because the suckers really add to the final product.

I wanted the tentacles to be able to bend so I added pipe cleaners

The final product is a little over two feet long and very fun and huggable. It took a 1 1/2 weeks to complete and I had the most interesting time trying to attach the shark to the tentacles. It took about three different times, but that allowed me to figure out ways to tweak my design when and if I make another one.  Wink

I hope you enjoyed Chuck



  1. when ar you going to give us a tutorial on this!! He's magnificent!! LOVE your work! You Ms. Zombie, are AMAZING!

  2. Thank you so much, I am so happy that you like my work. Let me tell you out of every stuffie I have made, this one was the most complicated (Because of everything matching up and legs longer than body, and attaching head to tentacles, etc), which is why I am on the fence about selling them in the future. If I get some time I am going to make a smaller one because this one is 2 feet long and I want to cut it down to 1 foot. So when I do that I will create a tutorial for this, but if you want to keep your sanity, you might just want to buy it instead.