Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafter Crush: Lanikins

It is time once again for Crafter Crush. It has been a minute since I posted about one of my many crafter crushes, so here is Lanikins. I have been in two swaps with Lanikins before the Tim Burton swap and the Tiny Stuffie Swap, but before those two swaps I had a huge crush on the AMAZING poppets she makes. The detail that goes into each one, it is just really beyond words. Here is the poppet that I proudly own, Mad Hatter:
 The shirt and tie are all hand painted and the tiny fingers, EPIC. She loves Tim Burton as much as I do as well as Alice in Wonderland, and many of her poppets are Tim Burton related, such as Alice from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:
The dress is perfect, that was my favorite costume from the movie I would seriously wear that dress almost everyday if I owned it. As soon as I saw the photo I knew that Lanikins made it. Lanikins is one of the coolest and geekiest crafters that I have had the pleasure of swapping with. She does have an Etsy shop, but it currently is empty, probably because she is so busy swapping. If you are really really lucky and wish on all your lucky stars you will get partnered up with Lankins.
If you go on you can see the many poppets created by the amazing Lanikins, I know I wish I had the amazing skills she does. I hope you enjoyed Lanikin's work as much as I do.


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