Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Ceramics

I have been housesitting for the past couple of months and this week their internet decided that it really didn't feel like working, but hopefully I fixed it. 

Last weekend Sasquatch and I decided it was time to go to our friendly neighborhood pottery painting place and paint some pottery. Our favorite place to go it Baked Goods Pottery on Gravois in St. Louis, MO, they are very friendly, fun to talk to, and we love their selection. We decided to go because I had received their newsletter letting me know that they had received their Halloween pottery and we LOVE Halloween so it was perfect.  When we first went to Baked Goods about a year and a half ago I wasn't sure if Sasquatch would really enjoy it, but he loves doing it. In the past we have done gnomes, dinosaurs, etc and this time we decided we would do these:

 Sasquatch did Satan and I did Frankenstein. It was funny because Sasquatch took the longest time to decide what he wanted to do, until he saw the "Tommy Lee Jones" Satan (Doesn't he remind you of Tommy Lee Jones?) Besides Satan they had a witch, a skeleton, a pumpkin man, and death figures to paint, they were a little creepy and a lot awesome.

Get ready for a lot more Halloween posts because lets face it Halloween is in fact the best holiday EVER!


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