Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Lately, it seems I have been working on a bunch of random things. I have the hoodie swap that I am currently doing, papercrafts, and working in my sketchbook.

The hoodie swap is going great so far, I forget how relaxing it is to paint. My partner, Errka requested among many themes Old School Sailor Tattoos which I of course picked instantly. Here is a progress shot so far.
I am painting directly on the hoodie with regular craft paint, but I have added textile medium to it so that she can maybe one day wash it. I have found that when you are painting on fabric especially hoodies, you need to do a couple of coats to layer up the paint so that you can smoothly paint and get the effect you want, which is also why you see the crazy blue and gray. I have plans to paint two other designs on the front, one on the left breast area and maybe one on the pocket. This is my second time doing the hoodie swap and the second time painting on a hoodie. The last hoodie swap I painted it so that when my partner wore it, she was a zombie with exposed brains, ribcage and anatomical heart, spine, and arm bone (there are pictures somewhere on Craftster of it). I am still working on my painting skills especially since I really haven't painted anything since high school, but I think I should paint more.

The second thing I have been working on are these fun folding paper monsters.
 I had seen a review on Papertoy Monsters on one of the many blog I read and paper craft toys have interested me for a while, so I decided that when I saw this at my local bookstore, I had to buy it. What I love about this books is that you just punchout the design, fold, and glue, no need for cutting. The only thing about that is those tiny little tags that are left over from where it was attached, but they don't really bother me.
The first one I did was a take on The Blob, I had it make him especially with the awesome tongue. I figured this was another crafty thing me and Sasquatch could do together. He of course called me a dork when I showed him my purchase and our new monster, but I know he's excited to make some ;).

The last thing that I have been working on is my new sketchbook. The only time I have ever really used a sketchbook was to do my sketching homework for art class. I never found the need for one until I started creating my own patterns and creations. I have a tendency to doodle and draw my new creations on any random paper I can find, but then I sometimes lose or end up crushing my sketch. So I decided the other day I should get a sketchbook so that I can sketch the creations I want to make and so they are all in a safe place and then of course use notepads to draw out my patterns and cut them out. I love using legal sized notepads because they are long so I don't need to tape two pieces of paper together (most of the time) and they hold up to pinning and multiple uses. Now I just need to put all those patterns in an extendable folder I have so I don't lose them. I don't have a picture of it, but the first creation I sketched in my new sketchbook was a Joker Nugget, Health Ledger style. I think it turned out pretty well and maybe soon I will start working on it.

Thanks For Listening.

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