Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creepy Cute Joker Nugget

So between working on a baby blanket for my friend's sister, working on the hoodie swap, and house hunting I have created a Joker Nugget. Lately, I have been crazy busy house hunting it is almost like having another full time job, but I am enjoying it so far, but I haven't found the right house yet. 

Last week when I had sketched out the Joker Nugget in my new sketchbook, I knew that was going to be my next project because I always have to have 3+ project going at once in case I need a change (or because I'm crazy ;) ).
So I went to the craft store last weekend and bought a bunch of different colored felt to create a number of kreations including The Joker. I modeled him after the Health Ledger Joker with a little inspiration from the comic book Joker.
I decided on a light purple shirt, dark purple pants, and a green tie and vest. I wasn't sure at the time how I was going to do the hair, but I just figured I would wing it and if I didn't like it then I would try something else.

For the face I decided that I was going to recreate the scars with a little sewing, I know in this photo they are hard to see, but they look very similar to the scarring the Health Ledger had. I decided to use oil pastels to recreate the make-up, I think I might go in with another red to try and make it a little more dark red, but it could also be the lighting in this photo.

For the hair, I decided that I would try something new. When I was looking up photos to model the Nugget after, I noticed that yes there is green in his hair, but is almost looks like it is washing out so I decided to lightly paint individual pieces of hair and glue them into place to not only get the stringy effect of the hair, but the green fading and the blonde showing through. I still haven't decided if I like the hair, but it does give the effect I wanted. He does look a little happier than I wanted, but I'm sure that's because he just did something very bad, who know what I will walk into so I must keep a very close eye on him.

What do you think?


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