Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Craftster Hoodie Swap

Well, the Hoodie Swap is finally over, I sent Errka her hoodie last week so she should have either received it yesterday or today. I always love doing the Hoodie Swap because it gives me a chance to paint, which I don't do very often and it gives me a kick-ass hoodie to wear. So I received my Hoodie from Errka on Friday. I don't remember what themes I put down, but this is what I received.

Brain Zipper Pull and super long purple ribbons for the hood.

On the back is the coolest Zombie Cupcake Creature, needless to say I really haven't stopped wearing it since I got it.

I sent this
The rope around the picture on the back of the hoodie didn't come out as perfect as I wanted it to, but it didn't turn out to bad for freehand. As you can see I HAD to add a shark fin mostly because I LOVE sharks and because it added to the painting. I hope she loves it and I can't wait to hear her reaction.

Now that I have finished all my swaps the only thing left is to finish my friend's sisters baby blanket and get my Etsy shop up and running. I want everything to go as smoothly and as perfect as possible and I want to have enough different creatures to choose from and I think that is part of the reason why it is taking me so long. I would rather it take me a little longer and people to actually order my items then to just toss up a shop put in 3 creations and hope for the best. I think it is also because I graduated with a business degree, so I'm trying to do it right and have my logo done and my stock up and ready. So hopefully very, very soon you will actually see my shop up and running and *fingers crossed* hopefully buy my creations.

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