Thursday, June 30, 2011

Han Becca/ Chewsolo

I created this a while ago for the Weird Stuffie Swap on Craftster. My partner had put down Han Solo and Chewbecca among many other options that she would like for me to craft. I had and still am on a Star Wars kick lately, so I knew I just had to do an adorable combination of the two. I decided what would be better than Han Solo and Chewbecca getting into an intergalactic accident that left them both in one body, especially since they are best friends forever.

I developed a pattern for human bodies called a Nugget, which I used for this. I call them nuggets because like a chicken nugget they are cute and compact, I also call babies nuggets because babies are cute, tiny, compact people. This is the second person I have created using the nugget pattern, the first was Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold for my friends for Christmas.

Anyway back to Han Becca/Chewsolo, which I couldn't decide what to call him because I love both names

I wanted to make him as close to Han Solo and Chewbecca as possible, including belt and belt buckle, gun belt, and I wanted to give him Chewbecca's nose. I didn't want him to be straight down the middle so I varied how much each side was which and I think it turned out better than I could have hoped.

Side shot including the red stripe on the pants


Han Becca was really fun to make and I really didn't want to give him up.

I love the way he turned out and he was really fun to make and I hope you like him too.


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