Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Blog and First Post

I have been wanting to start my own blog for a while now, but due to school and lack of subjects to talk about I never did. Now that I have graduated college and started my first job I have more time to be creative and that is what this blog is, a creative outlet. I am a crafter and an artist, I did not go to school for art, but I have taken as many classes as I could to learn new techniques and develop my ideas. Currently, I am a soft sculpture artist aka. I make stuffies or plushies ;) , usually out of a combination of felt and fleece. I am also working on opening my own Etsy shop to sell my creations as many people in the past have urged me to do. I am also dabbling into mixed media, specifically assemblage. So with this blog I would love to show my current work to the public, get feedback, and ideas. I love creating custom plushies and will post some of the ones I have done in the past. I will also post tutorials mostly because I love reading blogs with tutorials. I will also include post about fun trips or event that I go to. Basically, this will be a journal and will include my projects, craft swap items, tutorials, and anything else. I am always open to suggestions and feel free to ask me questions. I hope that you enjoy this blog and the future posts to come.

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