Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shark Night 3D and a little Update

This post was suppose to be posted on Sunday, but I woke up so dizzy that I could barely get out of bed so needless to say I did nothing on Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday I really didn't feel good at all. I finally feel good today, so today we will be talking about the Awfully Awsomeness of Shark Night 3D.

When I saw the previews for this movie I was confused as to why is wasn't on the SyFy Channel and why it was actually coming to a theater near you. Then I remembered Piranha 3D and had an "OH" moment, they were basically making another awful awesome scifi movie in 3D for this summer, like they did last summer (Jumping on bandwagon).

First of all I love all those cheesy SyFy channel movies that look like they were made with about $100 dollars or the ones with the $200 budget that stars Tiffany (she was popular before I was born, so I don't really know who she is). I love how bad the acting is and how bad the CG is, basically they helped me spawn the term Awfully Awesome which describes something soooo awful that it is in fact awesome.

If you are going to see Shark Night you have to see it in 3D, they use the 3D effect to their advantage and it actually makes it a little scarier and makes you jump a little more. Unlike other scifi movies the monster isn't on a rampage because it was trapped and is now awakened, it is not an experiment gone wrong, or a government project gone wrong. When they do reveal why the sharks are in the lake you're almost like REALLY that's what you came up with. The movie is only PG-13, but the gore is pretty good for that low of a rating, just know you will have stupid tween in the movie theater with you, in mine they wouldn't stop talking to the screen out loud and whistling at the bikini butt shots even though we went to the 10:00pm showing. If this was a rated R movie there would have been boob shots, but because it was rated PG-13 there were a lot of butt shots to make up for that fact.

Overall the movie is entertaining and does its job, it is scary, it is gory, and overall it wasn't bad. Now paying $13 a person to see it was a little high, but it needed to be seen in 3D. I hope this post was entertaining enough for you especially since it is free, I hope to finish another Han Becca/Chewsolo soon and post it here.


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