Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Han Bacca/ Chewsolo Part Deux

I know that I haven't been posting a lot lately, I have been sick (blah) and busy with a swap that I am doing. I would post the pictures of what I am making for the swap, but I don't want to ruin the surprise if my partner is reading my blog (sorry Calabaza no spoiling the surprise).

When I originally created the Han Bacca it was for a weird stuffie swap. I fell in love with him so much that I had to create one for myself (and maybe add it to my upcoming Etsy shop). I did a few things differently, like instead of the belt being sewn on I glued it on after the fact just a few little things like that to improve Chewsolo.
I almost forgot the red stripe down the side, but it's OK Star Wars fans I caught my mistake, I try and keep my creations as true to form as possible.

I love Hans little belt and belt buckle and Chewy's bag strap with ammo, I just love little details that bring creations to life.

I just love Chewy's Fuzzy face and Hans hair, very 70's and very AWESOME

He is made with a combination of Felt, Fleece, and Fun Fur. The more I use Fun Fur, the better I get at using it, because trust me Fun Fur can be evil. The pattern is of course my Nugget Pattern, I am still not tired of using it, I have plans to make an Admiral Ackbar in the future.

I am glad that I finally sat down and created another Han Bacca/Chewsolo. I hope it brightened your day.


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