Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo dump/Custom orders

I love creating custom orders, I really do. Maybe it is my love of a challenge or figuring out a solution, but I love it. My only problem besides the fact that it takes a minute to create a pattern from scratch is after I'm done I'm terrible at remembering to take photos. So here are the photos that of have of some of the custom orders I have done.

One of the custom orders I did a while back was a Darth Trooper. A customer has seen my Chewsolo and wanted to get one, but wanted to know if I could make it half Darth Maul, half Stormtrooper. My answer of course was "Bring it On!"

One of my next custom orders was to take my Three-Headed Kitten and make it out of black fleece, with pink inner ears, a pink nose, and a pink mouth. Not too difficult ;) but I love the contrast and the fact that someone actually asked me to use a different color.

My biggest and probably most favorite custom order was an order I did this Christmas for a little girl who loves Cryptozoology as much as I do. Her awesome mom contacted me and told me that all her daughter wanted for Christmas was a Lochness Monster, a Bigfoot, a Jackalope, a Chupacabra, and a Jersey Devil. The Lochness Monster and Jackalope I had covered, but creating 3 custom orders around Christmas with many orders coming in was challenging. The fact of the matter is I can't say no to a kid, especially one who want Cryptids for Christmas. Not to mention the fact that I was super flattered that she loved my work enough to ask me to create custom stuffies. Here is the appreciation photo she sent.

The Jersey Devil wasn't in that photos because my sewing machine literally broke down right before Christmas so he was sent right after Christmas.

I loved the way they turned out, even though the Jersey Devil lived up to his name and gave me all sorts of problems. I am currently sewing up another Bigfoot for a friend and plan to put it in my shop. I hope you enjoyed checking out my stuffies as much as I had fun making them.


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